Use Tips

Keep the temperature

  • Use the maximum capacity of the thermos.
  • Hot drinks: Preheat the interior with hot water (although not boiling) and then fill with your favorite beverage at the desired temperature..
  • Cold drinks:

    Turn the cold water over to fill the thermos and then empty it. Complete with the drink and temperature you prefer.


  • Use neutral detergent and rinse with plenty of water. It is ideal to leave it open until it is completely dry.
  • Do not use products that contain chlorine or its derivatives.

Advertencias y cuidados

  • For your safety, always store the components (cover, plug or thread, the bottom) correctly adjusted. To avoid accidents, the product must always rest vertically.
  • Leave it out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never drink directly from the thermos.
  • Do not use carbonated drinks. Avoid dairy products of any type and origin, as well as any perishable beverage that requires refrigeration.
  • They are not suitable for dishwashing machines, refrigerators, freezers, conventional kitchens, electric or microwave.
  • Keep it away from fire and hot surfaces.